Brian Harris

Brian Harris1

Principal; Head of Department of Ministry and Practice

BSoc Sc, BTh (Hons), MTh, PhD (University of Auckland) Cert IV TAE

Since 2004 I have served as the Principal of Vose, as well as the Head of the Department of Ministry and Practice.  I have been married to Rosemary since 1980, and we have three adult children and one grandchild. I was born in South Africa and  first embarked upon ministry there. Later I was invited to pastor Mt Roskill Baptist Church in Auckland, New Zealand, and spent 9 years as its senior pastor. During that time I also lectured at both Carey Theological College and Laidlaw College (then known as the Bible College of New Zealand) – which reflects my love of both teaching and being a pastor. I continue to be able to serve in both capacities in that in addition to my work at Vose, I am also the pastor at large for the Carey group of churches and schools.  My PhD interacts with the thought of Stanley Grenz and explores the nature and future of evangelical theology.

I have published several books, including The Tortoise Usually Wins: Biblical Reflections on Quiet Leadership for Reluctant Leaders (Paternoster, 2013), The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View (Paternoster, 2015), When Faith Turns Ugly: Toxic Faith and How to Avoid It (Paternoster, 2016) and being released soon; Could it be God: Bumping into God in the Everyday (BRF, 2016). I also write a regular blog which can be accessed at


1977, Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work) – University of Natal

1980, Bachelor of Theology – University of South Africa

1982, Bachelor of Theology (Honours) – University of South Africa

1987, Master of Theology – University of South Africa

2001, Certificate IV in AWT, ACAS

2007, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Auckland


Research Interests

Theological Method, Evangelicalism, Models of Quiet Leadership and the future of preaching.

  • PE420-620 – Christian Apologetics
  • PC416i-616i-762i – Denominational Distinctives
  • PC301D-501D – Ministry Formation


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Book reviews

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