Learning Modes

We offer a variety of learning modes to fit in better with your life and ministry.

Full-time – a full time load is four units per semester
Part-time – you can take one or two units per semester
Intensives – each semester, we offer two intensives. Instead of attending class each week, the lectures are condensed into one or two clusters, with pre-reading as well as assessments due later.
Distance – we now offer a number of VET sector units online through Moodle. If necessary, it is also possible to take a unit externally through another ACT provider.

The Academic Year

The academic year, starting in mid-February and concluding in November, is divided into two semesters. First semester starts in mid-February, second semester in mid-July. In each semester there are 13 weeks of lectures, split with study breaks, followed by exam week. A current calendar can be found on the page “Documents and forms for students”.


Classes are held on Tuesdays to Thursdays during both the day and the night.

Each unit is generally 3 x 50-minute lectures per week. Lectures are usually grouped so that students taking one unit (apart from languages) only need to come to the seminary for a three hour block each week. Students should allow at least ten hours study per unit per week for the semester.